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But he admits Jenna, 30, is one of his favourite co-stars, saying: “It was a great relationship and Jenna is so good. “To spend time with someone and have a relationship with someone as nice and as talented as Jenna was a real treat.” BE still my beating Poldark.

Rufus has always been a gym addict, but when he met wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne on the 2014 film it became a full-time lifestyle.pic.twitter.com/j Jo Z2yy7e2 Holy flip this beast is huge #biggerthanappearsinphoto #beefmaster #latomatina #proudfingers and err yes bananas now removed from skins 🙄 skins placed at soil level. #whereamigoing #allthatjazz #fosseverdon @Fosse Verdon FX pic.twitter.com/Je J4ny Yn HN so this just happened...Thanks for top tom tips aceface listeners #bananarama #viztoptips #titshmarsh #winningatlife #friedgreentomatoes pic.twitter.com/Rbxo L4Rip Q Welcome back, Zoe! ⁣hear Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt & Leonardo Di Caprio talking everything Quentin Tarantino & #onceuponatimehollywood tomorrow on @bbcradio2 #queenmargot 🔥🔥🔥 #feels #woah pic.twitter.com/DKg RJ9uzc0 When your heroes come by to play for Breakfast ⭐⭐ grateful love & thanks to @Scream Official , sounding insanely good, my ace buddy @Johnny Thomson2 & gorgeous @Pixie Lott 🤩 #maximumrocknroll #movinonup #countrygirl #coldfeet #thevoicekids have a lush weekend champions x pic.twitter.com/x U48EMk VWm Happy friday folks, hope you all managed a wink of sleep in the heat last night 🔥🔥 #Friends Round Friday coming up soon on @BBCRadio2 with me old flatmate @Johnny Thomson2, fabulous @Pixie Lott & live music from legends @Scream Official Ha!By AMY READING, Associate Picture Editor AIDAN: He might sound English in Poldark but Aidan is a Dublin lad who almost ended up being an electrician like his dad Pat. Aidan attended a local community school but admits he was lazy with his studies. I wasn’t a bad student – I just didn’t have the temperament.I got really bored.” He enrolled on an apprenticeship to be an electrician but soon found, in his words, he “couldn’t change a lightbulb”. After graduating from the school in 2004 he landed a run of theatre roles before breaking into TV.

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