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Kascy escaped any burns and those suffered hy Kenna were not severe enough lo require medical treatment. R-Ncw __Plymouth;_oncj)_f_thc sponsors of the measure, told the House saved In southern Idaho If the bill failed - putting that part of the state on what he termed "double day light savin g .'' - Rep. The matter came to the attention of Minidoka officials early In January, when the dog pound I n ad e quate durlng-tho e x tremely cold weather at that time.

By DAVID ESPO Times- News writer - BOISE — It's only a matter of tlmo until the clocks Jtrcsc L ahead in southern Idaho. Russell Fogg, "It-Idaho ifalls, like most east Idaho legislators, opposed the bill. A new program for " j- handling the collection and care of dogs In the county was called for In both city and county government meetings earlier In the month.

James Douglas, Hnzclton; Herbert Ilunynn, Ctatlcford; Ehlc Ulln. Earl Howard, Ernest Bell and Stefcn Purr, nil Burley; Jomes Chillock. No J — addltiumd'bcds br~spacc is planned for "at thisfj time.

A total or 4; D00 has been pledged to date, according to Fred Moltz. review of hospital ■ costs nationwide showed , that the average patie nt ■ _ pays 0 for- an overage length of stay in the" hospital or TO 'day:i:"T(i Ti U»hortll C"Tlvcrnfte-nei — patient is 0 for 5.2 days and St. 1 tlie cost is 5 Tor an average stay of 4.3 days. Bonedic Us-i£— process of doing internal remodeling only.

i\x9b\xf7\x8c\x87\x85\xc2\xbf\x92k\x1f\xe5\xb1q\xba? Junior college tuition Is set at 125,000 compared to ,1. The same amount was budgeted last ye ar but n ot all th e mone y was spen t. \x1b U\x14\xa4\x7f\xae\xae\xbf[\x18`\xe8C\xe7\xa8\xbfv\xee^\xe6\xd31\xa4? t\x9a\x8b\'#\xd5\xa3\xbf\x1f\xfe\x02i D\x06\x9a\xbf\xf3\x8d R\[email protected]\xa4\xbf\x15Pg\xde\xe9\xfc\xa1\xbfv\xa6\x93r\xdb\x94\xb8?

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