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He admits that the Xbox One's dashboard is at times too difficult to navigate; some functionality is too hard to find.That's changing with NXOE, as you should now be able to find things with fewer button presses--in some cases, you'll see a 10X improvement in this area, Nichols claims.We really pride ourselves on listening and prioritizing feedback from our audience."We chatted with Nichols about a lot more as it pertains to the NXOE.Check out highlights from our interview below."On the straight performance side, as a result of adopting Windows 10 as the underlying operating system powering Xbox One, we do see just straight performance improvements."These two kinds of enhancements at one time probably make this the most significant improvement to an Xbox console that we've ever done at one time.Together, all of that stuff makes for a fantastic holiday."Nichols explained that the NXOE's primary goals are to improve the dashboard's overall speed and intuitiveness.So we want to make sure that those really highly satisfying features that are not as discoverable as we'd like were available to the broader audience.

I'm not in the preview)Doesn't look like it.

But I would say that the bulk of the performance improvements that customers are going to enjoy with this rollout were improvements to how intuitive the user experience is and how few steps are required to accomplish things that you want to do in any one time.""On that front, in some cases, there is a 10X improvement..the way that experience has now been designed where it's an overlay on the game, only a click or two; you can do those things so much faster than you previously could.

I think it's really going to make a big difference.

The update is so large that Microsoft has been testing it with Preview Program members for months now.

In fact, Microsoft's Mike Nichols tells Game Spot in a new interview that it's not only the largest update to an Xbox console ever released, but possibly the most significant update made to "It's arguably the most significant release we've ever made to a console--and that anybody's ever made to a console," he says.

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