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Earlier this year, it was finally revealed that Drake has a secret son with Sophie and fans were completely shocked. After promising to wine and dine Stefflon Don during an Instagram Live chat with the British rapper earlier this month, the "God's Plan" rapper was spotted out with Stefflon over the weekend.The two were photographed looking pretty cozy at a romantic restaurant in Miami, Florida.

Nah, I can’t take you to Nando’s, I have to take you somewhere nice. ‘I have to take you somewhere classy and sexy because you’re classy and sexy, [so] I have to match your energy.’ Perhaps Drake took his smooth-talking a little too far though as Steff said: ‘Just because you’re Drizzy Drake don’t think it’s going to be easy.Moments after requesting to join the live, Drake announced: ‘I’m single, single and ready to mingle.’ Steff got straight to the point and began her grilling, asking: ‘So why should you be my man then?’ Giving it a moment’s thought, Drake replied: ‘Because, I’m a confident guy who can hold my own in any [email protected] Let's just get this one out of the way.Drake and Rihanna have had a confusing relationship.

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