Who is dating robbie amell

For Amell, The Tomorrow People had recently been cancelled, but The Flash was set to debut on The CW.Ricci has been asked in various interviews about her relationship, and her priase of Amell is incredibly effusive.Along with a photo of them both cradling “baby bumps,” Robbie commented, “One of us is actually pregnant.” Italia responded to his post, “Probably the sober one with lopsided boobs cellulite and uncontrollable gas thanks babe.” Ricci shared the same photo, adding, “We will not take ridiculous portraits of this kid. It’s good to be Robbie Amell right about now, and frankly it has been for quite some time.The pair exchanged vows in front a crowd of their closest friends and family, which included Victor Garber, Alexa Pena Vega, Carlos Pena Vega, and Laguna Beach star Talan Torriero, who couldn't contain his excitement en route to the nuptials.It's been a long road to wedded bliss for Amell, 28, and Ricci, 29, who first started dating in 2008.Ricci was the star of Chasing Life for two seasons, and eventually Amell found his way onto the show, albeit in an uncredited role.

Amell has said they actually met while he was working on Cheaper By the Dozen 2.In July of 2014, Amell and Ricci each posted adoring Instagram photos with captions wishing the other a happy 6th anniversary.Just a month later, it was reported that the two were to be engaged after Amell posted the above Instagram picture, announcing that he was going to marry his “best friend.” At the time, Chasing Life had just begun airing for Ricci.Their relationship dates back to before Amell was a CW star, and even before he was a Nickelodeon star.It has withstood the test of time in a way other young Hollywood romances simply have not, and the way they talk about each other suggests that the relationship is built to last. Amell and Ricci have been dating since July of 2008, and there had been debate over where the two had met – they’ve appared in several films and TV shows together.

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