Who is dale earnhardt jr dating today

NASCAR's most popular driver is ready to say "I do."Dale Earnhardt Jr.

announced Wednesday morning that he and his longtime girlfriend, Amy Reimann, are engaged."Looking forward to the rest of my life with this amazing girl," Earnhardt tweeted, retweeting a photo Reimann posted of herself and Earnhardt, which showed an engagement ring on her hand, as they visited a Lutheran church that Earnhardt's family had attended seven generations and 300 years ago.

He has not acknowledged spinning intentionally and NASCAR found no evidence it was on purpose. A young boy named James asked Earnhardt if the driver had ever done donuts in his street car.

"I've done some donuts in my street car from time to time, yes I have," Earnhardt said.

"It's usually to show off for a girl." Over the audience's laughter, Earnhardt added: "They make you do some crazy things.

You'll find out." NOT MY DOG One girl asked Earnhardt if he ever brought his pets to the track.

"I was really mad at myself after I walked away and sat down," he told a group of reporters. I was a little disappointed in myself for being that way, because I'm usually not like that.

I used to be that way when I was younger and used to show you guys that kind of attitude all the time.

Some of the biggest names in NASCAR joined them for the celebration. Danica Patrick was there too, and yeah, she caught the bouquet."It's almost been as hard to watch Clint go through this as to watch Truex go through it, because Clint is a good guy and obviously was just following orders," Earnhardt said."He did some things that were out of character and regrettable and he feels terrible to have any involvement in it. "So it's been tough watching him go through that process, too, because he's not that kind of guy to go starting that kind of mess." Bowyer spun out near Earnhardt during the Richmond race after crew chief Brian Pattie radioed the driver to itch his arm.As one of the sport's biggest celebrities, his personal life often is the subject of lifestyle and gossip articles, including one National Enquirer story last year that said he would have a million wedding."I definitely would have a hard time writing that check," Earnhardt said at the time.His sister, Kelley Earnhardt Miller, who is also on the trip, tweeted congratulations to the couple.

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