Who is anderson cooper dating 2016

In 2016, he co-moderated the second presidential election debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.Benjamin Maisani does not boast nearly as robust a portfolio as his partner.He credits his change of heart to his older brother’s suicide in 1988.Anderson started out as a fact-checker for Channel One, a youth-oriented small news agency.

But Cooper, whose book (coauthored with Vanderbilt) is no stranger to blushing on camera.For a celebrity couple, they have managed to keep their personal business private, offering up only the occasional Instagram selfie and video.The name Anderson Cooper is definitely known by a lot of people inside and outside the media world.Both of them are private people, Benjamin more than Anderson.In various interviews, he has talked about how he has never wanted to be a public figure in any way. That is probably why it took him three years after the start of their relationship in 2009 to officially announce his sexual orientation.

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