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Fuller is absolutely not funny, cannot act, her face says nothing.Besides she(her role)became moralistic, a tattletale.”Mike Aiken: “Do not like Amanda Fuller at all.#Last Man Standing.”ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey explaining why the show was axed said it was due to “scheduling reasons.” Defending his decision after the claims by fans that he was punishing Allen, he said that the reason was the “same business and scheduling reasons” why other shows were canceled.“A large part of these jobs are managing failure and we’ve made the tough calls and canceled shows that we’d otherwise love to stay on the air. Last Man Standing was a challenging one for me because it was a steady performer in the ratings, but once we made the decision not to continue with comedies on Fridays, that was where we landed,” Dungey explained. Since the Last Man Standing drama, Krosney hasn’t had many gigs worth bragging about.She has only had guest roles in a couple of TV shows.While her earnings have never been made public, it is least likely that guest roles no matter how numerous would be enough to snap her a spot in the millionaire’s club.Her highest paying gig perhaps came from the first season of Last Man Standing.Her first role was in a 2004 episode of Without a Trace.Despite a slow start to her acting career, Krosney remained on the small screen, appearing in TV films rather than big screen blockbusters.

The change was a big mistake.”Gerard Jan Oldenbeuving: “To replace her and her son was the biggest mistake ever!That said, no exact figure can be placed on Krosney’s net worth at this time.Fingers crossed she lands some headline-worthy gig soon.Almost stopped watching the show when she got a lesbo haircut and got fat.Like Alexandra Krosney better.”Despite the revolt from fans, the producers kept Fuller on, till the cancellation of the series in 2017.

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