Who has fernando colunga dating

Besides, my character is not the typical leading man, is very innovative." (Soap Opera Magazine).

Fernando managed to change a bit the image of the telenovela, "Yeah, I got that the protagonist of the telenovela will use beard and mustache and the costumes were something more casual.

He also starred alongside Mauricio Islas and the first actress Helena Rojo.

Thanks to Manuel Fuentes Guerra, he won another award in 2003 on TVy Novelas Award for Best Actor.

With this telenovela, Fernando began to be known in many countries.

Later starred in Esmeralda with Leticia Calderon, seen in countries as disparate as Indonesia or the Czech Republic.

"My biggest challenge in making this project is that people have a good time, enjoy my work and see a different performance, they see things that surprise, it's worth paying a ticket to see an actor." (The Century Torreón) After spending several months touring with his work, in 2005, Fernando returns to television with the telenovela of Carla Estrada, Alborada, a story of time set in Mexico in the eighteenth century.

The couple in this case Fernando Lucero, sharing the stage with actors like Valentino Lanús, Daniela Romo, Mariana Garza, Luis Roberto Guzmán, Vanessa Guzman, Arturo Peniche, Iran Castillo and a long list of actors. In 2007 returns to star in a telenovela time, Passion, which is also produced by Carla Estrada.

Carla Estrada offered him a role in the soap operas Más Allá del Puente with Maria Sorté in 1993-1994.In 2012, Juan Osorio would summon him to star in Porque el Amor Manda with Blanca Soto and Erick Elias and Claudia Alvarez as antagonists, debuting in the genre of telenovela a comic touch.Porque el Amor Manda is a Mexican telenovela produced by Juan Osorio, the company licensed Colombian Snail, adaptation than it was in 2011 Secretary.This time he shares scenes with Susana González, Sebastián Rulli and Daniela Castro.In 2008 he worked on the telenovela Manana Es Para Siempre sharing credits with Silvia Navarro and Lucero starring as the villain of the story.

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