What makes you click online dating

Secondly, when women send messages to men, they pay attention to not only whether men’s attributes meet their own requirements for mate choice, but also whether their own attributes meet men’s requirements, while when men send messages to women, they only pay attention to whether women’s attributes meet their own requirements.Thirdly, compared with men, women attach great importance to the socio-economic status of potential partners and their own socio-economic status will affect their enthusiasm for interaction with potential mates.Empirical studies on offline dating showed that mate choice is very much in line with the evolutionary predictions of parental investment theory on which potentials-attract hypothesis is founded [14, 15], while one research on a Chinese online dating site showed that mate choice is more consistent with the likes-attract hypothesis [8].From a sociological perspective, compared with the offline environment, online dating largely expands the search scope of potential mates [16, 17].Besides, one survey found that marriages initiated through online channels are slightly less likely to break than through traditional offline channels and have a slightly higher level of marital satisfaction for the respondents [7].

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For individuals who are difficult to find potential partners through offline channels, such as homosexuals and middle aged and elderly heterosexuals, the Internet provides an ideal platform for them to meet their partners.

Considering the difference of mate choice for both sexes in marriage market, Becker regarded the marriage matching problem of mate choice as a frictionless matching process, and by constructing a matching model, Becker proved that the mate choice is not random, but a careful personal choice of attributes [30, 31], which is later extended to a barging matching by Pollak et al. Marriage market is the first stage of a multi-stage game and corresponds with the Pareto efficiency of equilibrium.

In the Internet age, Lee and Niederle launched a two-stage experiment in online dating market using rose-for-proposal signals [36], and found that sending a preference signal can increase the acceptance rate.

Some other scholars also studied the mate preference from the economic perspective [37, 38]. found that male selectivity is invariant to size of female group, while female selectivity is strongly increasing in size of male group [37].

Computer scientists usually study online dating from the perspective of user behaviors [39,40,41] and recommendation systems [4, 42,43,44]. found that there exists distinct difference between preferences of men and women [41], and there also exists difference between users’ stated and actual preferences. also proposed a reciprocal recommendation system for online dating based on similarity measures [4].

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