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Job Simulator is a VR-only game that throws you into a virtual world where you partake in four exaggerated and inaccurate job roles in a first-person perspective.

The sandbox world of Active Worlds allows you to use hundreds of millions of objects in large interactive environments where you can navigate to cities and towns, play games, ride roller coasters, chat with other players, and much more.Using motion controllers of the Play Station Move, Oculus Touch, or the HTC Vive, you will interact with a virtual environment and perform various tasks in order to complete your job at hand.You are given massive creative freedom when it comes to how you finish a task (think baking crazy pizzas with bacon and cookies, throwing staplers, eating food from the trash, and manipulating your environment).The world is filled with plenty of games and activities that are actually part of the city, and you’ll even get to fight off three-piece, pinstripe-suited, invading corporate robots with a collection of upgradeable gags, including throwing pies, dropping anvils, and squirting water to be used against them.In our World you start off by creating your own custom avatar from head to toe and are given a condo that you can furnish and decorate.

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