Victoria and nichkhun really dating

Girls’ Generation and 2PM were once models for the uniform brand, Elite.

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Following today’s shocking announcement of Nichkhun and Victoria’s departure from MBC “We Got Married,” the 2PM member tweeted his feelings about leaving his make-believe wife and the highly popular reality show.But they don't they lead you on forever saying the girl is not yet ready and other bs excuses. It is most unlikely 'she' is on-line on all these sites 24/7 (as she appears to be)!The woman are programmed to get you to sirens as much as possible. Instead, 'agents' (men and women) take commission working shifts writing for the profile.The site promises that after you spend approximately 0 in chat, gifts etc. She is really Katerina Milevskaya, fashion and glamour model, aged 23 from Kiev/Moscow.They will give you the woman's contact information. One was especially attractive, and more than just physically. On Instagram she is 'milevskate' There she has 457k followers.

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