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When you run it, it waits for you to type a last name.

For example, the first row of the table represents a 30-year-old male whose name is Karl Gauss, who lives at postal code 19107, and whose ID number is 119.First, you don’t have to worry about the details of hunting around in text files or talking on the network to the Oracle server or dealing with Oracle’s library. Second, if you build your program to use Oracle, and then the following week upper management signs a new Strategic Partnership with Sybase, it’s easy to convert your code to use Sybase instead of Oracle.You change exactly one line in your program, the line that tells instead.Or you might build your program to talk to a cheap, crappy database like MS Access, and then next year when the application is doing well and getting more use than you expected, you can upgrade to a better database next year without changing any of your code.There are for commercial use, and free for noncommerical use.) Here’s a typical program.

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