Updating screened in porch

The photo at right shows the cord before we screwed in the bulbs.Roberto used u-shaped nails (I think they are especially for cable wires).They have a bit more of an industrial look than my lights and are shaped a bit differently.Either look is great; it is just personal preference.

updating screened in porch-8

Since necessity is the mother of invention, I researched Pinterest, visited home improvement stores, and finally devised a simple, budget friendly plan for transforming our small outdoor space. The project basically consisted of 3 tasks: First, we overhauled the deck floor with a good cleaning and paint.

He pressure washed the wood with part water/part clorox.

After it dried (over the weekend), Roberto spent several hours scraping away glue and debris that wasn’t removed during the pressure wash. To start, Roberto applied one coat of Behr latex indoor-outdoor primer. The paint rep at Home Depot tinted the primer the same color as the deck paint I had chosen.

Especially in the South, bugs can ruin a party in no time, and any place where there is food, they will get in if no barrier is in place.

Lighting: To dress up the porch at night, I decided to put string lights along the ceiling, and I am thrilled with the look!

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