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The ISO has this tool under the support\adprep folder.Copy the entire adprep folder around to the different FSMO role holders as needed.Plus also ensure the update is well written and checked prior to deployment on the Domain Controllers.I recommend watching the Web Cast on this subject see below for link.Modifying the Schema is something that is a necessary action prior to carrying out installation of Directory Enabled Applications whether they are Microsoft or 3rd Party.Plus of course if you are looking to Migrate from 2000, 2003 to 2008 you will need to firstly undertake a Schema Updates.What are the implications when running MSSQL 2008 Standard on one of them. Lots of questions and I need to find out fairly quickly.Trying to update AD schema for Exchange 2016, a coworker ran into an issue, he got an error that the OS is unsupported.

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Thanks, Smita Carneiro, GCWN Active Directory Systems Engineer IT Security and Policy Ross Enterprise Center 3495 Kent Avenue, Suite 100 West Lafayette, IN 47906 Follow the guide on where to run the commands.Is there any way (other than manually looking at each file) to tell which ones I need?I will upgrade the domain to server 2016 later, but wanted to upgrade the schema before that.This has been a question that has come up with several of my customers recently.Therefore I thought this would be a good topic to discuss.

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