Updating rockstar social club

After 3 arguments with rockstar and then a huge ticket including screenshots of the reddit thread with other players saying they didn’t get it as well as a screenshot of my email verification for the social club well before the 4th or 17th- they actually gave me my money and apologized 😂 Link to past thread: https:// just made my second ticket, and a tier 1 support answered it in 1 hour saying that my 200k should be in my GTA Online bank.First ticket was answered by a tier 3 support saying I just wasn't eligible, so uhh harassing them really does work.Learn about our cookies here or edit your cookie settings below.Rockstar Games Social Club (RGSC) is a program to ensure the management of multiplayer in recent Rockstar games.pic.twitter.com/c8PFq4Va DU The Bounty Hunter Licensed Bounty Hunters can pick up work by visiting bounty boards near law offices, post offices and train stations across the states.There is no shortage of criminals to be dealt with, from lone petty thieves to notorious outlaws.rsg.ms/b212680 pic.twitter.com/Il Cq Dh ODy Z The next Red Dead Online update arrives September 10th introducing Frontier Pursuits New Bounty Hunter, Trader and Collector Specialist Roles and more Details: rsg.ms/b212680 pic.twitter.com/x Eo8HSny YE Take your free daily spin of the Lucky Wheel at The Diamond Casino & Resort lobby for your opportunity to score this week’s podium vehicle, The Benefactor Schlagen GT sports car or GTA$, clothing and more rsg.ms/57bedaa pic.twitter.com/t W7Et Vo ZMw We've got a nice collection of van der Linde illustrations so far! Which characters do you guys want to see me paint next?

To confirm you are having the same issue I am, can you find your launcher log file in the rockstar folder in your "my documents" folder, then tell me what the last line is please?You cannot break your system or the internets with these, don’t worry. If all this doesn’t help you, then it might be a temporary issue from Rockstar’s side.Yes, your internet might be inactive for a few seconds while executing these commands, but they’re completely safe and your ongoing relationship with the internet will be restored within a few seconds. Run Social Club, sign in, and do that annoying “I’m not a robot” crap once again clicking all the car or road sign images. You’ll soon be able to launch your game as soon as the update is done. Lay low like you’re trying to lose the cops hiding in your car that’s parked in an alley but are still about to get that radar/map blinking red and blue any second now because—well—Rockstar AI.I had this problem last week, and had a 2 hour support conversation before I got the issue resolved.If I remember correctly the troubleshooting steps tried in order were: Verify game files (you've already done this)Update drivers if needed Update social club if needed Run game in administrator mode Try launching the game with little to no USB devices Finally, what actually fixed the issue (possibly combined with the preceding steps) was to go into the steam folder and delete (or cut and paste away) everything but and the steamapps folder.

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