Updating information in the health collection

** The current fee for supervision is expressed in terms of quarter hours.However, in order to make use of the , the fee units must be expressed as 1 fee unit or more.The procedure applies if granting that person access under either Act would constitute a serious threat to their life or health.

The (the regulations) are the regulations that currently apply.

Generally, the regulations set out: (* The indicative fee amounts reflect that fee unit values are rounded to 1 decimal point, and that in calculating fee amounts, fees are rounded to the nearest 10 cents.

The fee unit value of .53 applies to 2012-13 and has been used in the above calculations.

An individual has a right of access to their health information under Part 5 and Health Privacy Principle 6 (HPP 6) of the Act.

This right applies when the information is held by a private sector organisation.

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