Updating firefox 2 to 3

Now, at home I use the same add-ons and I'd like to prevent losing my tab groups so I'm looking for a way to disable automatic updates (which are enabled) An alternative solution to blocking all updates, is to move to a fork of Firefox which will keep the XUL add-on format, now called "Legacy" by Firefox, while still installing security updates.

To fix this for b3, and the package-static files were adjusted.Has anyone updated Firefox successfully or am I missing some repos in YUM that would have a updated version? Firefox offers a fast, safe Web browsing experience. With its industry-leading features, Firefox is the choice of Web development professionals and casual users alike.When the Firefox 2 help documents were imported, the structure and subject of the content was not changed. It does not showcase new features, that users may need to learn about (because they were not part of the old help documentation).The subject of the content also overlapped some articles that were already in the Knowledge Base. The Product help start page should get a make over, in both presentation and content, to make sure most users find the help the need.

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