Updating a split ms access database

I will hopefully post the code to Git Hub soon, I just have to get clearance from my workplace to release it.

I will edit this post to include the link when I have.

So you’ve developed a database and now you are finally ready to deploy it to your users!

There are a couple things to consider to simplify your life as much as possible. Yes, if you have not done so, and you are setting up a network or multi-user database, it is time to split your database.

The Back-End is then placed on the office server and a copy of the Front-End is given to each user and setup on their PC.

If you must have it installed locally, there are various tools which will enable you to "push out" software updates, and the guys over on Server Fault would have more information on those.

Assuming such tools aren't available, the only other option I can think of is to write a small loader program that checks the local .

We have usually kept the Access front ends on network drives, and just put up with the need to compact and repair on a regular basis.

You will probably find you need to do that even when they are installed locally, anyway.

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