Ultragrid validating

// ************************************************** // Custom code for Abc Code Form // Created: 12/18/2013 PM // ************************************************** using System; using System.

Infragistics Ultra Web Grid is an important tool in ‘Net Advantage for ASp. Ultra Web Grid has built in AJAX functionality, along with enhanced performance and improved GUI. By clicking on ‘*’ or ‘Add New’ Button will open up the Row Edit Template which we’ll be using later in this article.

This example requires that a Text Box and Error Provider control have been created on a form. Index Of("@")) Then error Message = "" Return True End If End If error Message = "Email address must be valid email address format." Control Chars. Validating Dim error Msg As String If Not Valid Email Address(text Box1. Doing so can cause your application or the operating system to stop responding.

Adding using/imports directives VB: Private Sub UGSort_Initialize Layout(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As Infragistics. In this article we’ll learn how to use Ultra Web Grid’s Row Edit Template using Java Script. Define the Row Edit Template for your Ultra Web Grid by adding the following lines of code to your Grid HTML You may wish to validate the boxes on OK button click, you can define your Validate Template() function and put necessary code according to your requirements The function call igtbl_g Row Edit Button Click(event); is Ultra Web Grid’s built in call that will handle the ‘OK’ or ‘Cancel’ button click In between your What happens when a user double clicks on any row or item, our function will just return 1 without doing anything means that there would be no operation in that case // called when a cell, row label, or column header is double clicked function Dbl Click(table Name, item Name) Our Purpose is to handle the Row Edit Template using javascript, This following function will be called just before the Row Edit Template is being closed.But I’ll be showing the necessary code to be modified. Layout Event Args e) In your page’s Page_load event you can bind the grid to any data source e.g. You can assign this to Cancel Update, which reverts the row to old values or Retain Data And Activation to leave the updated values for the user to correct.To assign this property use something like the following: l Grid: Row Update Cancel Action = Row Update Cancel Action: Retain Data And Activation.

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