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Julie Christensen could have written this book about me. Anyone who has been in the dating game, especially over the age of 30, can identify with Quinn. The easy email conversation of online dating that makes you think “hey, this guy seems cool” Then you meet him, and there’s no chemistry.

Or sorting through the emails from potential matches, where you wonder “did they even read my profile? The disappointment when the one guy you do like doesn’t feel the same way about you.

Thirty-eight year old Quinn Malone is tired of sitting home alone, watching Jersey Shore and doing crossword puzzles.

She’s also tired of being single, and decides to make finding a man her top priority.

Quinn overcomes her shyness to suffer through dates that are so bad, they’re funny (see the chapter o Lifelong introvert Quinn Malone was sick of spending her evenings at home, doing crossword puzzles and watching reality TV.

Quinn overcomes her shyness to suffer through dates that are so bad, they’re funny (see the chapter on hunchbacks).

I happen to prefer a book with a little more depth of character analysis, and The Truth About Dating obliges.

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I stuck with it hoping it would get better but it never did! As a single woman in my late twenties, I can relate very well to this book.Rather, they provided additional insight into Quinn's character.However, some may judge that the tighter pacing of sole focus on Quinn's interactions with men, and her and her girlfriends' analysis of those encounters, would be preferable.A warning: there are a few formatting problems here and there--mainly line break issues--and the (very) occasional typo.These didn't affect my enjoyment of the book in the least, but if you're the kind of reader whose experience is ruined by their presence, beware.

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