The soul of kerala sex

Seafood is, of course, a pretty big deal here too, with fish so fresh it arrives on your plate at lunchtime having only left the sea that morning. Why I’ve always made curry with olive oil, not coconut oil, I have no idea.

For an hour, as the sun was beginning to set, we passed swollen paddy fields, colourful houses and squealing children, occasionally taking photos but mostly just soaking it all in.

I opted for hummus and fresh garlic toast, a watermelon and feta salad plus ginger lemonades and it was as delicious as it was Instagrammable…hey, it was day one, I needed to be weaned off my social media feeds slowly.

We didn’t stay in the excellent Xandari Harbour hotel in Fort Kochi for long but, had we stayed a while, I’d have made a beeline for the other places Kochi locals frequent: the Ginger House Restaurant, which overlooks the water, or Mocha Cafe, an ideal spot for a quick coffee whilst exploring the surrounding shops.

The high quality of architectural work showcased in the walls and ceilings of the temples are c Kerala's beaches, backwaters, mountain ranges and wildlife sanctuaries are the major attractions for both domestic and international tourists. Its tourism industry, centered around Hindu temples, wild life sanctuaries, hill stations and wate The South India tours attract tourists from all over India and the world on account of its territory dotted with tourist spots.

The tourists throng the God's Own Country - Kerala to witness the enchanting backwater destinations and breathtaking Landscapes.

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