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Pendleton did not live long in Sudbury, but returned to Watertown, which place he represented in the Colonial Court for several years.About 1642 he moved to Portsmouth, of which he was repre- sentative some years, and from thence went to Saco. Walter Haynes (Hayne or Haine) came to America from England on the ship " Confidence," in 1638. 33 ship's passenger-list.) He was a freeman May 13, 1641.John Rutter was by trade a carpenter ; Richard Sanger was a blacksmith ; one had a family when he came ; two others were afterward sons-in-law of the persons in whose employ they ostensibly came ; and all of them took their place among the substantial men of the settlement.It was a tradition among the descendants of John Rutter, without their having a knowledge that this ship's list was in existence, that their ancestor came to this country disguised as a servant.tive of self-reliance, though recognizing all proper authority.What the common weal required they took hold of with zest; and in their adherence to what they thought suitable, they showed a perseverance truly commendable.

Even those with whom, because of their prominence, we most associate dignity and gravity were com- HISTORY OF SUDBURY. B} r the passenger-list of the " Confidence " it will be noticed that only Walter Haine had reached the age of 55, and John Rat- ter was only 22 : Robert Davis, 30 ; John Blandford, 27 ; John Reddet, 26 ; Peter Noyes, 47 ; John Bent, 35 ; John Goodenow, 42 ; Edmund Goodenow, 27 ; Thomas Goodenow, 30.

Although compelled by cir- cumstances to economize all their resources, and to make the most of time, talents and strength to meet the demands of every day life, yet they found time to serve their Creator, and praise and adore Him in their forest home.

Their Chris- tianity manifested itself in their steadfast adherence to the Christian faith, in their reliance on God, and their love for His holy law. From the minis- ter down to the humblest citizen, each had a share in the manual work of the settlement.

These facts will serve the purpose not so much of genealogy, as an introduction of these ancient worthies, with whom the history of our town is so closely connected.

William Pelham came to this country in the fleet with Winthrop, and may have been a brother of Herbert and John Pelham. (See chapter on First Minister, Meeting-House, etc., and period 1675-1700.) Peter Noyes came from England in the ship " Confi- dence," 1638.

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