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The person feels an urge to make a movement or a sound before actually doing it. But eventually the person will have to let the tic out.

People with Tourette syndrome have both motor tics and vocal tics.

The good news is that it won't make them less intelligent, and adults with Tourette syndrome can lead normal, happy lives.

A TOURETTE' S sufferer with a cult You Tube following has filmed himself reciting the classic nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice to help raise awareness of his condition.

There's no cure for Tourette syndrome, but most of the time no treatment is needed.

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No one knows the exact cause of Tourette syndrome, but some research points to a problem with how nerves communicate in the brain.

Neurotransmitters — chemicals in the brain that carry nerve signals from cell to cell — may play a role.

Anyone who has a tic will need to see a doctor, and maybe a neurologist (a doctor who knows a lot about the nervous system).

Stress or being upset can make the tics worse, and kids with Tourette syndrome might feel upset because of the tics and the problems that go with them.

Counselors and Tourette syndrome organizations can help kids learn how to explain tics to others.

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