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These pages are Hannah's family."My eldest sibling is only a year older than me, and my youngest half sibling is just under four years younger than me," Hannah says, "but that youngest one is a bit of an outlier."What most people don't realise is that donor conception creates batches of babies. Hannah and her brothers and sisters are no exception."There's almost 10 of us who are born in '88, '89 or '90, so there's a real clump," she says."I've got one male, born in the same month and year as me.

Then a female, also born in the same month and year as me. Then there are all the others."There's lot of siblings who are within a few months of me in age, which unless you have a particularly promiscuous father is not a normal situation to have," says Hannah.

And how many half siblings could there be, all born in Sydney, as a result of John's activity? Damien Adams is a medical research scientist, and he's also donor conceived."You could have something as little as dozens," he says.

(To most people, "dozens" of brothers and sisters is still a lot.)"But it could be hundreds, and it could be thousands, depending on the quality of sperm he had, how many straws were made, how many times it was used.

For their sake, whoever they are, I sincerely hope that John's offspring feel the same.

Because in their case the only thing we can really say is: every single one of John's children has brothers, and sisters, in abundance.

What that means is his own biological children would never know who he was, or (far worse in this particular situation) they wouldn't know who all their half siblings were.

John made his sperm donations under the condition of anonymity.Clinics weren't (and still aren't) supposed to pay donors for their sperm, because it's human tissue.What they were (and are) allowed to do was reimburse sperm donors for unspecified out-of-pocket expenses, like "travel costs".She's thought about this list a lot."In fact I almost certainly have a mutual friend with at least one, if not all, of these people.Particularly given there was a number of clinics operating in Melbourne at that time, and the clinic that my parents went to was the most far east.

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