Smart women know dating

They’re completely avoidable, but so many women make them because they don’t know better.This is especially true for smart, ambitious women who have succeeded in every area of their life, but still struggle with dating. Here’s the truth: These mistakes aren’t all obvious.Career goals have been achieved, have been a disappointment or are being dreamed of. Bob Ross, the beloved painter, liked to say, “There’s no such thing as mistakes, just happy little accidents.” Generally, I think this is great life advice (from a true legend).Therefore, knowing that they will eventually have to share that space can be scary for an independent woman.Careers, friendships, family, extra-curricular pursuits, whatever it is that she has going on may not allow for as much time to date as it takes to find the right mate.

In the modern world women no longer need another person to help them live on their own; they may have realized they prefer that alone time.

I’ve been seeing more clients whose approaches to dating have not only failed them, but have left them feeling depleted and less confident.

I’ve noticed two dating approaches or mindsets they have shared that are to be avoided at all costs.

If you are a woman who is of a higher intellect, chances are you have had an even harder time finding a fulfilling relationship.

Society tends to think less of a woman who is single, as if there is something inherently wrong with them. Below are 10 reasons why it can be harder for smart women to find love.

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