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You can take a class in painting, or volunteer at the ASPCA, or finally start that novel you’ve been talking about for the past five years. Not being in a relationship means it’s the perfect time to explore your body and your sexual desires.

You’re not just doing it because it feels good, but because there’s a good chance you’ll be in a relationship again and having mastered your masturbation, you’ll be having even better sex than you did before.

If you’re constantly in a relationship, how are you supposed to know how you’d function on your own?

Single time is basically downtime to catch your breath and realize who you are as both a person and a member of society. According to a Gallup poll from earlier this year, 64 percent of Millennials were single in 2014.

Start the journey by taking the e Harmony Personality Profile and get feedback that details how you relate to other Idaho singles.

Then read your FREE Compatibility profile® and meet Idaho singles that are truly right for you.

Knowing your body is the ultimate power when it comes to great sex.

Sometimes when we’re in relationships, we get stuck in ruts with our partner.

If you know you can have a one-night stand and not feel bad or regretful about it, then there’s nothing stopping you.

You order from the same pizza place, go to the same bar, and socialize with the same people.

In being single you finally get to break those old habits and try new things, go to places where you’ll meet new people, and finally try a new pizza spot.

People throw parties for engagements, birthdays, and weddings.

But what about throwing a party because you’re single and awesome?

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