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Take her to one of the following venues and she’ll give you cute nicknames after the first date.​, this is one of the best places to take your date. These are the moments that make you want to cut your wrists, jump from the Esplanade Roof Garden and call it a night. Just because she doesn’t flirt with you, doesn’t mean that she’s not interested. You are who knows that flirting is not the same as showing your credit card. Give her some time.​Don’t ask yourself how to make a Singaporean girl like you.

This crazy futuristic garden has a romantic Skyway and thanks to all kinds of chemical perfumes it smells like love mixed with candy cake.​You are on a date with a beautiful Singaporean woman. Her long hair, her bright smile, and her tight dress that shows her cute little booty put romantic imagines in your mind…and a few naughty ones. No matter what you do, she just smiles at you and giggles. Instead, ask yourself what you can give her that a local man can’t give her.

You don’t want to end up dating a materialistic gold digger who only sleeps with you if you buy her a Gucci bag. It’s a rich country and I’m sure that Don’t make the same mistake. Flirt with the girls and you’ll spend less money and have more fun.

No, you want a girl who does neither need nor want your money. Here’s how you get such a Singaporean girlfriend…​Singaporean men flirt in a simple four-step process: I asked my Singaporean friend, read countless forum posts, and asked some of my other female friends who traveled to this country. It makes finding the perfect girl so much easier because she looks at you in a different way…​Yes, a lot of guys in this country confuse throwing money and gifts at girls with flirting. I mean, no matter how many gold diggers you “attract” with your money, none of these women respects you.

And even though the Paragon Shopping Center and Vivo City Mall are awesome, there’s one mall that beats them hands down. Visit it during the day and you can enjoy a cocktail with a cute Singaporean girl who came here to relax (and to meet foreigners).

The ION Orchard is the king, especially when it comes to meeting beautiful girls. No matter if you go to the Palawan beach, the Tanjong beach or the Siloso beach, you can meet hundreds of stunning girls. Come during the night and you’ll know what it looks like when Singaporeans party…No, I don’t want you to sit at the street corner until you see a beautiful girl you can approach. And even though it has a really weird name, it’s one of the best locations to meet hot Singaporean girls.

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The divorce rate went down 2.9% within one year.​Don’t get me wrong.

Of course, not all Singaporean girls are like that. And even though she’s stunning, I would never date a girl like her.

Here’s why…​My girlfriend is Thai and one of the things I love the most about her is her hunger for knowledge.

Make clear from the beginning that you are NOT like the local men and NOT her servant.

She’ll be happy that she finally found a man she can respect.​I could list dozens of fun dating spots in Singapore, but there are three that really stand out.

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