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I’ll go up to the guy, asking if he wants another Fat Tire, and she will be like, “This guy really knows you.”There’s a certain posture people have when they’re on a Tinder date. He comes in before the date, always, and buys one beer.They come in looking at each person, sitting and waiting, looking at their phone and at the door. Then he goes behind this one wall to sit in a partitioned off spot, even if the bar is empty.Many young souls, like myself, move to New York in search of excitement and adventure, enchanted by the promise of a diverse culture and a never-sleeping cosmopolitan life.Reality has a hard history of not matching expectations, and New York is not an exception.One thing we see is the serial Tinder dater, someone who must live nearby. Sometimes when a girl tells me she’s going on a date, I’ll have her take a shot with me. ”As the night goes on, you can see everything in here. ” There are no real love stories happening in front of me. They’d buy her drinks, she’d pretend she’s going home, and then come back with another guy. Something about the way people are sizing each other up.We’re always unsure if we should greet them in a familiar way, bring them their regular drink, or pretend like they aren’t here all the time for the sake of the date. There’s a woman in her forties who comes in for like 30 Tinder dates a week. Seventy-five percent of people will order a drink right away and they’ll get it down fast and order another before the date arrives.

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But he does it with every one of them, drawing the bar and trying to figure out who else is on a Tinder date.Sometimes, I wonder how these people have time for their friends.— that guy always comes back. I’ve seen a woman on a date with a man who starts chatting with another guy at the bar and ditches the date.I’ve seen guys in here twice a week with a different woman each time.I try to spot awkward pauses, and a trick for that is to put a menu in their hand right when you see it get weird. Whenever people are making out, it’s always a Tinder date. He’ll sip this one beer the whole night, even if the girl wants another. Sometimes, he’ll come in on a Friday with one girl, and Saturday with another. He will walk up with them when they want a drink, and then he’ll say, “Oh, I forgot my wallet.” Or “Oh it’s all the way over there behind that wall.” He never buys anyone a drink, and he never drinks anything interesting.I’ve seen him on probably 30 dates over the year, and he doesn’t want to know us. The worst I ever saw was this dude who came in and ordered an Old Fashioned and waited. They started talking, and when I came back to them a while later, they were arguing. She gets up, intentionally knocks over her water, and walks out. He halfway pursues her, but then stops and puts his hands on his hips and turned to us, “Can I get another shot? I see a lot of people in their 30s using apps, but I see a lot of people in their early 20s actually engaging with each other. I won’t tell you which one it is, but all the bad dates happen there.

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