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The problem was the timing: Kim Kardashian was pregnant with their first child, North, at the time of the allegations, and once Ghobadi realized that, she quickly backpedaled and denied ever hooking up with the rapper.A few years before Kanye and Kim became an official thing, tabloids were rife with excitement when the rapper was seen displaying some PDA on his Cannes hotel balcony with a beautiful blonde woman.The connection happened in 2010 when Kanye was fresh out of a long relationship and experimenting with the single life.They were together for a few weeks just months after Kanye’s breakup with Amber Rose.It took a while to identify Kanye’s partner, but she was eventually discovered as French model and actress, Virginie Maury.At the time, Maury was seen as Kanye’s first rebound after breaking up with Amber Rose.He’s always shied away from “mainstream thought,” as Kim K tweeted one day, but instead has embraced his stardom as the best artist to ever walk the Earth.Whether that’s true or not, he has had quite a few significant others in his day—some whom he almost married before tying the knot with Kim, some that were just rumored flings, and some who might not have been flings at all.

This is one of his unconfirmed relationships that comes with a pretty good story.The power duo were together for two years after Kanye and Alexis Phifer broke things off.Unfortunately, it ended badly, with Rose telling that, “Kim Kardashian is a homewrecker! They were both [being unfaithful to] me and Reggie with each other.” Kim was reportedly sending pictures to Kanye, and Amber told her to stop, to “Don’t be that person.” We may never know what’s true and what isn’t.She knows Ri-Ri has a reputation and she’s always been suspicious of her relationship with Kanye.” That being said, their relationship was probably completely innocent. At a party, the two supposedly snuck off together, which led to a whole lot of talk, but who knows if it led to anything.Kanye has been vocal against Upton, too, telling Besides Kim, Amber Rose is Kanye’s most notable significant other.

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