Sample speed dating score cards

If done right, speed networking will provide one more added value: by helping to match the right individuals, which immediately raises the value of attending your conference.There are different formats for speed networking at conferences.Individuals can register for one of the time slots offered and won’t know who they’ll get to interact with during the rotation.Your team, or a computer, can assign the time slots.If space is scarce, set up two chairs on each side of a coffee table.Implement your rules, and assure, attendees move swiftly to the next table.

After a brief introduction by the expert, each attendee has 1 minute to introduce themselves and to spell out specifics they would like discussed. Allow a maximum of 3 minutes for each attendee’s introduction and topic.

Best of all, discussions can be continued during the evening’s networking reception!

If your attendees want to get one-on-one attention from experts, speed networking on an individual basis might be the best approach.

This allows attendees to go into depth about issues they have already heard about during the day’s sessions.

And it’s a good way to engage attendees through the end.

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