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The southerly pops around early evening Session – offshore needed to get into it a bit earlier and a bit harder.

Small and selective but there a few here and there High AM Low AM High PM Saturday Conditions – southerly and sideways Swell – some swell due around 6ft at 20secs but I think the meat of it will swing right by Winds – fresh SW all day Session – take a look at the more protected spots High AM Low AM High PM Sunday Conditions – Poo Swell – 4-5ft Winds – Fresh NE from early Session – Stay in bed.

Try the more protected spots Low AM High PM Tuesday Conditions – Eish!!

Swell – 3ft with a 19sec plus moving up from the south Winds – early onshore freshening during the day (no offshore)Session – Eish!!

The video cam has a refresh rate between 1 and 10 seconds depending on your internet connection speed.

If the video is not showing please come back at a later date as our server updates regularly.

After that its for those who fly nappies Low AM 0.22m High PM Friday Conditions – expect stinky conditions Swell – 4-5ft at 14secs dying off during the day Winds – SW due to pull the trigger early Session – expect cruddy conditions – not much on the go Low AM 0.09m High PM Have a good one Keep it simple / keep it clean Be safe Cheers Good morning Everyone Monday Conditions – flat Swell – flat Winds – light southerly swinging to a light onshore later Session – nothing to speak of Low AM 0.75m High PM 1.42m Low PM Tuesday Conditions – may have an early wobble in it but should iron out as the cross offshore gets into it Swell – 3ft with a nice pulse moving up from the south Winds – early SW swinging to a cross offshore then light onshore later Session – may be worth taking a sniff for a decent bank.

Should start around 07h30Low AM 0.58m High PM Wednesday Conditions – expect ruffled southerly conditions if the SW pops overnight Swell – 4-5ft at 16secs Winds – fresh SW all day Session – try the more protected spots – should be something for sure Low AM 0.39m High PM Have a good one Keep it simple / keep it clean Be safecheers Into neaps Friday Conditions – leftover onshore buckle still around however some decent lines that run through on the sets Swell – 3-4ft at 15secs Winds – early offshore swinging to a light to moderate southerly late morning Session – nothing really worth getting a chubby about for anything early however keep an eye on something around 9am.

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Click on points to go to the station or buoy's page.Eighty five airplanes of various types are based at the Russ Mcdonald Field, and the transient traffic ranges from light pistons to heavy turbines - up to Gulfstream G650 and Global Express.Runway 04/22 weight bearing capacity is 142,500 lbs for dual wheel, with a PCN of 32/F/B/X/T.The camera is located in the airport terminal administrative office facing west-southwest, overlooking the commercial apron. Since this is not a WSDOT web cam, please use the refresh button on your browser to view the updated image.To report a problem with the camera contact: Ron Russ, Airport Operations Manager at or email [email protected] Aviation Disclaimer: This web cam image is being provided as a service for pilots to view current airport conditions.

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