Rules for guys when dating

Trust me, I’ve been on a million first dates with all different types of guy—I know the first date rules for guys. You like the girl and want to discover more about her. Listen, you’re not the only one with first date jitters.

Keep the conversation light and really focus on getting to know one another. [Read: The 24 worst things for guys to say or do on a first date] #12 Stay away from talking about money. We’re all very happy you can afford to drive an Audi, but talking about it makes you look like a tool. The last thing you want is to make her wait for you after you’re the one who asked her out.So, ask her out during the daytime where she’ll feel most comfortable.Plus, also make sure the place you’re meeting is near her home. Though you may be used to swearing in every sentence you use, most people don’t find it a turn on.Getting drunk on a first date isn’t sexy, and if anything it increases your chances of saying something stupid.Plus, many women see excessive drinking as a red flag.

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