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Additionally, hundreds of guest actors portrayed supporting characters, this list includes the most noteworthy among them. An oil wildcatter with a nose for drilling, longtime alcoholic, rival of Jock Ewing and former boyfriend of Ellie Southworth. Her body was found floating in the Southfork pool in 1981. Returned and provided sanctuary to Sue Ellen at the Southern Cross ranch when J. Lucy later discovered she was pregnant with Roger's child, and had an abortion. Before Mark can die from the leukemia, he apparently commits suicide in a plane crash.

Signed partnership agreement with Jock in 1939 concerning Ewing 23, and later fell out with Jock over the profits of Ewing 6, causing a long running feud which lasted many decades. Protective and snobbish mother of Sue Ellen Ewing and Kristin Shepard who encouraged her daughters to latch onto rich men. Cowboy and rodeo drifter who had an affair with Sue Ellen and was a rival to J. Former head of the Office of Land Management (OLM). Mark returned during the dream season after Bobby's "death", claiming to have faked his own death in the plane crash in order to enter clinics in a bid to find a cure for his leukemia.

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After going over their campaign itinerary with Oliver, Alex asked Thea out on a date, which she rejected, citing her already complicated life.

The next day, Alex handed some campaign forms to Thea and she asked him out for a drink, which he accepted.

He asked Oliver for an explanation, which the latter couldn't give.

Alex revealed that another candidate, Ruvé Adams, was about to wage a rival mayoral campaign against him.Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.After Damien Darhk stormed the campaign holiday party, Alex held off the press and police for Oliver.When Thea began losing control of her bloodlust, she met with Alex and tried to break things off with him.

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