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At least that’s how he would secretly want to be described. Sure I wasn’t the prettiest girl in the world, but he always said he liked me for that very reason, so I felt content with that. One time, I gathered the courage to sing a song in front of him in the lunch room (I had always loved singing), and he laughed and said “…that’s what’s so great about you; even though you aren’t a good singer, you’re not afraid to try.” That’s a compliment right?

[From Seventeen, written by Nikki Reed] That to me is way more revealing than the fact that she called Robert a good story teller.

“They were whispering in each other’s ear and getting all cuddly,” says waitress Alicia Bell.

But when the cast headed to Vancouver to film in March, they spent time together playing guitar, going to concerts and spending long nights out at local restaurants.Kristen had another boyfriend at the beginning of filming, who was also friends with Nikki prior to when Kristen dumped him and hooked up with Robert.(Not necessarily in that order and more background is here.) So there’s probably bad blood there but I doubt they’re seething at each behind the scenes.Besides, I couldn’t let myself believe that I was too good for him.He was endlessly charming, and intelligent, and philosophical beyond his years.

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