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(This is often done from the articles screen that shows the abstract).Citation Alerts from the Web of Science: RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a standard and format used to distribute frequently updated news and other content appearing on a Web site.This is useful to find new articles that cite an article of interest, or that cite your own articles if you are an author.Most citation alerts require you to create an account on the database first, locate the article of interest, and then set up your alert.The ASU Library does not subscribe to the current volumes of all journals; if the journal from which you want an RSS Feed is not an ASU subscription, find the journal's website and see if the journal will allow you to set up an RSS Feed; if you do set up a Feed, the article links in the feed will not work - you'll need to request the articles via the Interlibrary Loan service. RSS feeds publish frequently updated web content in a standardized XML format which can be subscribed to using a variety of programs called feed readers or aggregators.Content discovery can be laborious without robust tools to create a refined list of relevant articles customized for your changing needs.

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On the results page, you can create filters based on a set of facets and sub-facets to further refine the search.Usually some form of account registration is required.You may set up several types of alerts: Search alerts allow you to search for a topic in one or more databases and then save that search to be automatically run on a regular schedule.Many Table of Contents alerts require you to create an account on the database first, then go to the specific journal title and then set up your alert. Instructions for individual database providers are given below.Citation alerts will notify you when a particular article appears in the bibliography, references, or works cited page in another work.

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