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(If we're meeting at Mudrock's in Louisville, as we usually do now, we'll stay there.Otherwise we'll decide where to go.) Don't be discouraged by low RSVP rates.It’s when two people commit to a sexually-exclusive relationship.Monogamy has been the foundation of millions of whispered promises between teenage lovers and hundreds of millions of wedding vows.I never use real names and always replace identifiers with made-up names.Can you answer my question with my username listed or tagged? Can you send me a personal update or heads-up when you post my question?It has been gaining mainstream attention recently as more and more poly folks come out of the closet and start talking about what their lives look like.

Please try and keep questions under ~200 words - if it runs long, I'll condense it to be brief enough to post. Send media requests at polyamoryadvice [at] gmail [dot] com. All answers will be posted publicly, with the question anonymized. Can we chat using the tumblr chat feature, Google Hangouts, Discord, or another live chat service?

It is, essentially, what our culture bases our conception of romantic love on.

Polyamory, however, is an alternative romantic structure that has been practiced by plenty of people, mostly in private, for probably millennia.

This is not to say that either lifestyle is “better” or “worse” — whatever works for you and your partner(s) works for you and your partner(s).

It’s just to say that there are certain things we could all learn from each other in order to make life more enjoyable all around.

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