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MLM businesses often find it difficult to attain a local credit card processing option which is why we pride ourselves on having affordable offshore merchant accounts ready for our difficult to place merchants.

We take merchants that most generic banks refuse to take and we place them in a bank where we know they will thrive.

These merchants share an account within a large merchant portfolio until they are mature enough or have enough credit card processing history to obtain their own merchant account number.

Merchant discount rates are favorable within this portfolio because the account is protected from chargebacks and high credit card processing volume within the merchant portfolio.

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For several years International IBC Banking has been pairing our MLM merchants with acquiring banks that can provide a tailored credit card processing solution based on your company’s individual needs.Also, thanks to our multiple account options, you will also be allowed to process with several different accounts in the event that one option is no longer available.High Risk ACH Checking Accounts For International, U. and Canadian Merchants 3rd Party or Aggregation Accounts Third party accounts are for merchants that have difficulties maintaining their own merchant accounts or have consistently high chargebacks.If you wish to find information about legitimate, credible and trustworthy companies, then you will find our website to be a helpful way to increase consumer safety and limit potential risks.Most consumers don’t have the time resources nor the expertise necessary to conduct comprehensive market research and fully investigate every company, service or website.

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