That’s how BChris02 felt when he posted a thread on asking for ways to expand his social circle.

He’d been there for a year since moving from Charlotte, North Carolina, but he was having a hard time making friends because he’s shy.

So, users can even earn coins and use the platform’s chatbox, forums and encounters section.

Using this Date Hook – Dating PHP Script, you can enable or disable forum category for your dating platform.


The site hit the online dating scene in 1995, has more than 30 million members, always comes out with new features (including live events and Missed Connections), and is responsible for more matches than any other dating site.

This means not buying into societal stereotypes that suggest you have to look a certain way, make a certain salary or drive a specific type of car,” Harrison said.“Sadly, a lot of guys limit themselves because they fall into the trap of believing the nonsense.

If you look at what they published, women – more than anything – are attracted to a guy’s sense of confidence and ambition,” she adds.

If you are a man who is divorced or has kids, this same line of research suggests that a vast majority of women (90%) don’t consider this a negative.“Part of dating means putting yourself out there.

But for that to happen, you have to move past self-imposed barriers.

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