Norton 360 some products not updating

The menu containing the options you need to adjust in order to stop Norton 360 from blocking a program are located on the Program Rules tab.This screen shows a list of all of the programs on your computer, as well as a drop-down menu to the right of each program.The table below provides a comparison of features for the current Norton Security product offerings.Check to see if your current product has all the features that the new products offer.Norton is one of the best comprehensive and heavyweight security solution software.

So before getting it lets know more about Norton antivirus 360.You can change this setting by clicking the arrow on the drop-down menu, then clicking the permission level that you want to apply to the program.The most common Norton 360 program setting is Auto, but you can also choose the Allow option if you want to give that program full permissions.If you are already a Norton customer, you may be using a product that is available for renewal only.You can continue your subscription to receive protection updates and continue with the same level of protection.

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