Non religious dating

Well, to push this along they at the 18 year olds boys(just out of highschool age) and send them off for two years and will not allow them to talk much with there familes, they do 100% church from the time they get up to the time they go to bed with one "personal day a week"(for a few hours at that) the church also takes these kids VERY far away from there familes and put them in locations far away around a bunch of new girls they are 16ish years old.

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I just wish we didn't waste our time knocking on peoples doors and actually did humanitarian work.

Her thing was to seduce guys to date her and use the opportunity and their attention to try to convert them to the LDS church.

I nearly fell for it, and watched at least 4 other guys fall for it at first then get out, and one guy who DID fall for it, thought he was in love, joined the LDS chruch.get dumped by her while she moved on to recruit others. I had a friend who went through something like that.

After several months of practically everyone we knew asking if we were dating yet did she finally date me.

Prolly not such a good thing at that point but hey she's the best friend and I got a thing for her. During the relationship she went off to a different college which made things stressful but I was okay with it.... She cut me off and played weird games until she just texted me that we are done.

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