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These programs have a set of rules they must follow, and DHS Licensing Evaluators perform both announced and unannounced visits on the programs throughout the year to ensure that they are in compliance with these rules.Adult Day Care Services Rules Exception for Limited Respite Care Services Contact Information: Adult Day Services Complaint Hotline: 1-800-462-8261 For information on becoming a licensed Adult Day Care provider, please contact your local Adult Care licensing Office.If you have any questions or concerns about a program, please call your DHS local office.To report suspected licensing violations or possible illegal adult day care operations, please call the Complaint Hotline at 1-800-462-8261.

The rules include, but are not limited to, criminal background checks on the caregivers, fire and environmental inspections of the building, lower ratios of clients to caregivers, and an organized program, specifically designed for each client’s needs.

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Many vulnerable adults do not need the services of institutional care such as nursing homes, but they still need services that will help them function to their fullest potential.

This program is funded through the Social Services Block Grant.

Contact Robin De Young by phone at (615) 532-6250 or by email at Robin. The National Adult Day Services Association is a recommended guide for assistance in choosing an adult day care program.

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