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She is currently at episode 99 and announced that episode 100 would be the end of her You Tube series.She will continue to stream it on her Twitch channel.UHShe proved to be a very popular series, with many fans praising the idea of it and the community it had created.Stacy went on to create 11 more Seasons: Every Mermaid Monday, Stacy played The Candy Isle with Amy Lee33.This series was on a three and a half year hiatus, but was brought back in July 2019 to start the newest book: “Because of Winn Dixie”. Noob Quest is a survival Xbox One series where Stacy's main goal is to finish all of the achievements.The series is called "Noob Quest" because Stacy is trying to unlock all the achievements, to finally shed her skin as a "Noob”.It is currently the most popular series on her channel, with her first episode reading 1,000,000 views and each episode averaging 165,000 views. In game she has her real-life pets: Page, Molly, Polly, Pipsqueak, and Milquetoast.Other animals within the world include: Wolves Wink, Noah, Everest, Tucker, Basil, Addison, Droplet, Splat, and over 100 other pets. Bookcraft is a Minecraft Survival series meant to encourage reading.

The included mods are: She has currently been shown to be very successful in this series.Episodes are currently on hiatus and its chance of coming back is slim because of Stacy’s bigger projects. The server has 56 mods, including her own mod: Stacy’s Wolves.Stacy lives in a huge house in the mesa biome and collects many wolves, birds, dinosaurs, and magical horses.In June 2015, Stacy created and organized her own all-female UHC, titled UHShe.The first season had a total of 11 contenders: Ashley Mariee, Aurelian, i Has Cupquake, Hey Im Bee, LDShadow Lady, MKthe Worst, Mousie Mouse, Netty Plays, herself, Shubble, and Yammy.

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