Moray dating

This dispensation was revoked on 21 March 1391, after he became Bishop of Dunkeld, a bishopric of which he did gain possession.

He died sometime before , apparently without ever having possession of the deanery. He was provided as Bishop of Orkney on 27 January 1384 but on 10 February was granted dispensation to retain the deanery along with his Orkney bishopric, of which he never had possession (see Western Schism).

The Dean of Moray was the head of the cathedral chapter of the diocese of Moray, north-central Scotland, based at Elgin Cathedral.

The diocese of Moray is first known to have had a dean from a document dating between 12, and its first dean known by name from a document dating between 12. His identification with the later bishop is very probable, though not certain.

He is attested as dean in two documents, dated 4 February and 20 March 1249.

The Bishop Archibald was consecrated as bishop in 1253.

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