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Still, the majority of sex movies which have MILF tags on them, depict older women. At the same time, you have much older mature women making the rounds in the porn world. While some may not be into females that are that much older, millions of others are.

One only has to look at how popular granny porn movies or cougars sex videos are today.

Are we wandering around in a perpetual, suspended state of soulmate-lessness? ) QUESTION NUMBER 2 What kind of relationship is ideal for you? Attraction, things you have in common; all the fancy first date behavior and treats don’t mean a thing.

If you live in Los Angeles, particularly around any Starbuck-Coffee-Bean-Pete’s-Porto-Office on Ventura Boulevard or Sunset Strip, you might just find a cluster of these empty humanoid portals typing on their laptops with frenzy, creating the illusion that their New Age spirituality is an adequate replacement for a lost soul otherwise known as soulmate-lessness.

” “You had me at ‘hello’.” “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” I want to die of embarrassment. I want to gorge on ten gallons of then barf, not like a Bulimic, but more like a Roman orgiastic pre-teen in a toga.

I want to take a frying pan corroded with crusty meat fat and bang myself over the head.

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Irrespective of what age a mature woman is, she is someone who a person out there is fantasizing about sexually.

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All of this adds to their appeal since they are mothers or older.

MILF is an acronym which became popular over a decade ago. This helped spark an entire genre in the porn industry.

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