Medieval faire dating

Education sessions will allow school groups to explore the excavation, get their hands dirty digging and talk to the archaeologists.

Workshops, lectures and public tours of the dig as well as exhibits of finds will be a feature of Harewood’s Medieval Festival on 16th and 17th July.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed so lets get out and live a little.

This group is for anyone who wants to get out and have fun and meet new people.

In the Terrace Gallery you can also learn more about the newly excavated Gawthorpe Hall.

After carrying out exploratory digs and geophysical surveys over the last two years, the student archaeologists are spending three weeks uncovering the layout of the Hall of which only two contemporary illustrations survive.Our festival calendar will help you find out about the brightest and most exciting festivals that take place around the world!Among them, you will be able to choose an event that is just right for you!Simon will be conducting unique walking tours of Harewood’s medieval history enhanced with an audio experience, a real experience of Medieval Harewood!Theatrical Tour dates: 17th July, 1st August, 14th August & 3rd September.

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