Maghreb dating customs

When taking photographs of the local people, it would be wisest to ask their permission.

Taking a photograph of someone with out their permission – especially in rural areas – can cause offense.

The following brief explanation of Moroccan art and culture is designed to help you get the most out of your stay in this amazing country. Many historical examples are on display at the local museums.

More modern examples are on display at art galleries and in souks. There are so many different ways that the people express themselves – in carpets, clothing, jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, painting, carving, and calligraphy.

If you are a woman and you strike up a friendship, you will likely be invited to the person’s home or to a hamman (bath) for further association.

On the other hand, if you are a man or a man and woman traveling together, you will likely be invited into a café for some tea or a meal.

Only the more isolated Amazigh groups, such as the Saharan Mʾzabites and Tuareg, have managed to some degree to escape these conflicting pressures.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit this country, you should consider buying some of the local artwork.Although Algeria’s cities have become centres for this cultural confrontation, even remote areas of the countryside have seen the state take on roles traditionally filled by the extended family or clan.Algerians have thus been caught between a tradition that no longer commands their total loyalty and a modernism that is attractive yet fails to satisfy their psychological and spiritual needs.In general, Moroccan culture can be an exiting and worldly experience. Hospitality is really a part of their culture so you can strike up friendships virtually anywhere if you have the right attitude.Usually this results in further association with these dynamic and interesting people and a real taste of Moroccan life.

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