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“Who wants to live in a world where you can only stay in the lane of your birth?

Literally everything good about this culture comes from mixing.”The day after Weiss wrote “Three Cheers for Cultural Appropriation,” Greenwald published a full-throated takedown of a range of her opinions, calling her writing “trite, shallow, cheap.” He also accused Weiss of “crusading against Arabs, Muslims, and other assorted critics of Israel.”It’s here where Weiss’s views draw the most passionate objections.

Some thought the piece was a frank portrait of a phenomenon worthy of examination.

Weiss’s view turned out to be prescient, and the march has since splintered into factions.

Weiss has approached #Me Too with attention to the gray areas.

(Rush has denied the allegations and recently won a defamation suit against an Australian publisher.) Though Weiss did not devote a column to Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh, she wondered aloud on MSNBC if his alleged crime as a teenager should be “disqualifying.” Weiss was promptly smacked down in headlines, and admits that her sound bite came across as “glib” and simplistic.

For the record, she says Ford’s testimony moved her to tears, and believes Kavanaugh’s rage-filled behavior before the Senate Judiciary Committee should have disqualified him.

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