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At the Tiyoli Flotow's famous comic opera of Martha, which has drawn such full houses, gives place next week to Balfe's Satanella. But Santa Cruz must remember that simple willingness is not every- thing. She must bear in mind the superior geographical position of Niagara, with its dozen railroads and its nearness to the great centers of population, and if the inhabitants of our seaside towns would excel in the laudable career they seem to have marked out for themselves they must organize, must throw aside all petty local jealousies, and remember that in union there is strength. P." Mc Andrews improves on a subsequent visit and bis act invariably brings a round of applause. Woodward's Gardens are, as usual, to the front with a series of novil;ies which cannot fail to attract.

There was an attempt at mtee-en-scene which was laughable in the extreme. Day and Boarding School for Youiiir Ladies and Children, KINDEit GARTEN. Yosemite has tried but failed, and the scoff- ing Easterner turns away from the valley with money enough to get to the nearest telegraph station, where he lies in pawn until remittances ar- rive. Billy Emerson has at last got into the right channel, and has made a bit as " Moriarity, M.

As regards the rendi- tion of this work, it is an undoubted fact that the troupe show in it to better advantage than in their previous efforts. How thoroughly they always enter into the spirit of anything they undertake. Dear News Letter: We are now having the first really hot weather that has visited San Rafael this Summer, which has caused the lovely moonlight nights of the past week to be enjoyed to the uttermost; but yesterday was a scorcher and no mistake, making me think with delight of the cooling breezes of 'Frisco, to which I shall soon be returning. Wire Suspension Bridges, built to order, all sizes.

This opera has never, as far as we know, been performed in San Francisco, but the celebrated aria, "The Power of Love," is familiar to nearly every- body. They must bear in mind that only to those who labor faithfully comes the reward, and a few words of advice from one who has suffered may not be amiss. Among the chief of these are the Arnold Brothers, Miss Ida Siddons, Ered J. The monstrous fifty-pound sea spider from Japan is also on exhi- bition free of charge. — Harry Courtaine is steadily rising in the estimation of Eastern theater-goers. saw his admission to the House of Lords in due form. THE NEW AND MAGNIFICENT "Hotel del Monte," MONTEREY, CAL., Commenced its SUMMEE SEASON on Wednesday, June 1, 1881. The only unmarried son of her Majesty, Prince Leopold, has lately been created Duke of Albany, Earl of Clarence and Baron Arklow, and the 20th inst. It is, however, to be feared that the preponderance of method in the would-be assassin's madness may cause him to decline the brilliant offer. Parolini on Wednesday evening was in splendid voice and sang with great vim. The Mc are among the most recent arrivals, he coming for the purpose of recuperating both bodily and mentally, and already feels the benefit of the change. Appreciation, to a rare degree, rewarded every point made, and re-calls at the end of each act were prolonged to a degree of embarrassment. Both baritone and basso are favored as regards effective numbers, and it is but justice to say that Signors Parolini and Paoletti are eminently satisfactory. She will be missed here, as she always instils life into the most hopeless of dull places, and her unfailing good nature makes people see everything couleur de rose, two considerations for which, if I were a hotel keeper, I should be tempted to board her for nothing. The audience and applause that greeted the star's efforts were the best testimony that could have been given in con- tradiction of these fears.

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