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We’re also preserving a data tier in our architecture, namely the Business Logic tier.

Instead of having the LINQ access code directly in the ASPX file, we’ve moved the logic into the second tier, leaving UI functionality strictly to the ASPX code-behind, and the LINQ play hidden in the tier.

This was added by LINQ to SQL during the generation process.The Linq Data Source tag is a very straight-forward method for binding to a Drop Down List. It’s easy to use, easy to understand, and extremely easy to update.In fact, since the code exists in the ASPX file itself, which is really just a glorified HTML file, we can easily make changes to the data binding source, while the web application is runnings, without having to recompile source code or DLLs. NET 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, and LINQ, there is a whole new way of working with the data layer in C# ASP . Prior to LINQ, many developers would either generate or custom-code a data layer based upon the usage of Sql Connection, Sql Command, and Data Reader objects to manipulate data.With LINQ and LINQ to SQL, we no longer need to rely on the details of the connection objects and can instead begin thinking more abstractly by using the pre-generated LINQ business objects and the data access layer.

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